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What's under your floor?

Subfloors can make or break an interior flooring project. The focus for clients is often on the surface material, but what's underneath the tile, carpet or wood really counts.

Stabledge panels by Goodfellow are strong, solid, consistent in size and uniform from sheet to sheet. They can also save you time and money on installation:

- No knots or joints
- Moisture and warp resistant
- Tongue-and-groove design for easy assembly
- Doesn't require sanding
- Printed nail lines to make installation easier

What's under your siding?

Spring siding renovations are a great opportunity to upgrade exterior insulation and improve the building envelope.

Homeguard House Wrap by Mitten:

- CCMC Certified - Air barrier and sheathing membrane
- Reduces energy bills in both winter and summer
- Protects the home from mould and other moisture related problems
- 10-Year Warranty (UV Resistant 120 Days)
- Custom printing with a minimum order of 1 pallet

What's under your walls?

Even if you're not redoing an entire wall, you can still add insulation for energy efficiency.

TYTAN insulating foam 

- Fills large and small cavities
- Provides a water and airtight seal.
- Offers superior R-value by stopping air infiltration and preventing heat loss.

TYTAN foam will adhere to most construction materials including wood, metal, masonry, glass, and most plastics.

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