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Preserving the natural state of cedar has been a goal of “The Cedar Shop” for 39 years; the "Sikkens®" brand has been a major part of that process. We feel it necessary to explain a few changes that have taken place in regards to the "Sikkens®/ProLuxe™" brand and name.

The "Sikkens®" brand name will soon no longer be associated with the wood coatings division of PPG. The brand was purchased by PPG in North America with the agreement of replacing the "Sikkens®" brand name over a set period of time. PPG will rename their product with "ProLuxe™" label.

In light of recent events, we would like to reassure our customers that the ingredients have not changed; the name change will have no bearing on the process for which it is made leaving you with the same fantastic product you've come to love over the past years. We are proud to say that we have customers that have been purchasing these products for thirty plus years and will continue to use the "ProLuxe™" products because of the high-quality finish that it provides.

We were pleased to see the "Cetol® "name will remain; it's the name that's most associated in regards to finishing wood or staining. If it's a multi coat finish your looking for, then Cetol® 1 is your answer. It can be used on a two, or three coat application (depending on what and where you are staining); when cured, you won't find a more luxurious or satisfying finish. The translucent state of the Cetol® 1 finish after it has cured is amazing and part of this is due to the process in which their pigment is made. The product is so fine, that it seems to magnify and enhance the wood grain giving it an amazing clarity and softness. A 24-hour minimum dry time between coats is recommended.


Performance Highlights

  • Penetrating alkyd-oil formula offers excellent penetration and adhesion

  • Part of a 3-coat system with Cetol® 23 Plus RE

  • High-transparency nano-pigments increase protection and clarity

  • Powerful UV absorbers protect color and wood substrate

  • Water repellent

  • Provides a mildew-resistant finish

  • Excellent block resistance

  • An alternative to Cetol® Door & Window for additional color options

  • An alternative to Cetol® Log & Siding for additional color options

  • Can also be used alone on fences and furniture as a 2-coat system


To round out the Cetol® line is the SRD product (sidings, rails, decks). It is a one coat finish and is very forgiving, and easy to apply. You can apply with a natural bristle brush, a roller, or it can be sprayed. Keep in mind that when you roll or spray SRD, back brushing is essential to avoid any pooling in the board and keeping the finish even throughout; keep a wet edge so you don't get any overlapping effects. If worrying about low lying decks, docks or hot tub areas where moisture would be a major concern due to its inability to breath, the solution is SRD; being a single coat product it will allow trapped moisture to escape the wood without creating a peeling or flaking problem on the finish.


Performance Highlights

  • Easy, one-coat application

  • High-quality translucent iron oxide pigments provide beautiful color clarity and UV protection

  • Excellent penetration


Hopefully this has cleared up a bit of confusion in regards to the brand name changes and informative in regards to a few of our more popular lines in the "ProLuxe™" brand. Have a wonderful spring and Happy Staining!



                                                                                                                      The Cedar Shop

PPG logo is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio Inc.

Cetol® & Sikkens® are registered trademarks of AkzoNobel.

ProLuxe™ is a registered trademark of PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc.



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